Shady She Wrote

Weekly Quote 5/1/22

“And so being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy.”

– Edgar Allen Poe

Weekly Song 5/1/22

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Alice, Alice, Alice

Oh to be looking down the corridor  Deep black sky covering She acts as if she sees a strange character  Perhaps there are secrets that need uncovering  Deep black sky covering  This evening feels everlasting  Perhaps there are secrets that need discovering  Complexion of the moon- she is always asking  “This evening feels everlasting?” The…


Memory I have a faint light Remembering all the color It makes me bright too Love I don’t want to write I just want to live my life Free of love, of life  Myself It is hard to me To be who I want to be Why can’t I just flee

princess castle

bu(i am)lding up up. up? she climbs. climbs fast. (toofastTOOFAST) too fast!ithurtsher(?) at the top, she (i) celebrates s l o w l y (s l o w l y) it descends (end) s s down her (my) face TOOFAST(fate)